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The "MickMath" - Concept

The modular built concept of strategic learning games for the prevention,

monitoring and elimination of math anxiety, from pre-school up to............



MICKMATH enables children to experience and discover how a quantity comes into being. Only than can they comprehend how a calculation operation takes place. Even highly intelligent children suffer sometimes of poor arithmetic capabilities. Research has proven that efficient learning can only be accomplished by motivation and that motivaton derives from social interactions and a sense of achievement.

MickMath is a comprehensive concept for the development and enhancement of all basic cognitive functions, emotional intelligence and social behaviour. MICKMATH uses an entirely new approach, using arithmetic’s as a vehicle. Numbers and quantities are being conveyed by two different modalities, namely shapes and colours. They always stand in a proportional relation to each other and thus the number line becomes concrete and internalised.
All information is being mediated visually, auditory, tactile and by motor activities. By interrelating different modes of perception as well as sensuous intake capacities we achieve a higher recall performance and the transition to the abstract becomes easier.

MICKMATH targets children from pre-school upwards, preventive-supportive and in case of dyscalculia therapeutically.

How do we reach this goal?

Motivating children to learn is not always easy, motivating them to play is rarely a problem and the want to win is innate. Based on these facts, the concept of MICKMATH's comprehensive strategic learning games has been developed.

The numerous games are full of fun, interaction, strategic thinking, emotional exposure, adherence to rules, winning, losing and - as a "by product" learning, learning, learning by joyful stimulating re-playing and discovering, rather than repeating by rote.