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Concept of Strategic Learning Games

Mediation of Cognitive Functions and Logical Thinking

Playing games enhance the learning potential of pre-school children as well as for pupils with certain learning difficulties and children with special needs. MickMath guides them into the world of arithmetic, logical thinking and spatial orientation.

The MickMath Concept is based i.a. on the theories of "Structural Cognitive Modifiability" and "Mediated Learning Experience" (Prof.R.Feuerstein). Through interactive and pro-active playing children acquire the necessary knowledge and learning skills.

The learning aptitude means the implementation of basic cognitive functions. By mediating learning experiences, the pupils develop first and foremost universal cognitive strategies, which in turn enable them to tackle specific tasks and problems. During the input phase this is being achieved through conscious-awareness of the cognitive processes; during the elaboration phase through mediation of strategies which expedite the thinking process and finally during the output impulsivity control and conscious operations.

As the child can develop its independence through playing, it will strengthen its trust in his or her intellectual capabilities, which again heightens the self-esteem and self-confidence and will motivate to dare things elsewhere, in other words, motivation comes with success, e.g. with positive feedback.

It is not only about strategies and technics but also about basic change of attitude, out from passivity towards dynamic and motivated activities. The multitude of games on the same theme, modularly composed with different levels and difficulties, allows the child to re-play rather than repeat by rote.

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